Monday, 27 October 2014

Something new

It's time for a routine dust off. Been a long time since my last post and a lot has happened. To whoever still drops by occasionally, sorry you guys are stuck with so little updates. Too many things going on, and I'll just try to summarise the happenings that came about this past few months.

As you guys may know, from my previous posts, I'm currently undergoing my studies at Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus. That's in Kuching, nice place really. Been here for a little over six weeks already, and I must say I've pretty much settled into the living style here. Being away from home doesn't really bother me, still miss home cooking occasionally, but everything is going well. The classes were a little mix of old and new, learning some new stuff while brushing up on skills I learnt whilst in diploma. It's a great experience here as I get the chance to mix with a lot of international students and learn more about their country and culture, as a matter of fact, because of the diverse student culture, Swinburne organizes a cultural night event every year where students perform their cultural specialties or just take the chance to perform. I was lucky my enrolment was timed just right as I got to experience this event.

 So far, I've already passed the middle mark of the semester and ended my mid term break(JUST today actually). The first half went well I would say and then it's onwards to another 6 weeks and I'll end my Semester 2 Year 2. Recently, actually just a week ago, I acquired a bicycle.

700c Nexus Hybrid Bike
I got a bike for a few reasons, transport being one of the few reasons, and recreation being another. Why a hybrid bike? Because mainly, I'll only be using it for road and minimal off road. This bike can handle gravel as well as "kampung" roads no issue. It's a great bike, even though I only managed to take it out for a spin no more than 5 times. Pretty sad, huh? Why? Cause foolhardy me went and attempted a ramp take-off. 

Like I said in the title, "Something new", and by that, I meant, loads of new experiences. This was, as painful as it was, something new to me, as well as exciting. Back 4 years, while I was still in high school, I used to do a lot of "little" stunts with my then MTB(Mountain Bike). It wasn't a really high end model but at RM450, it was a pretty damn good bike with full suspension and toughness to take a beating. Which in the end got stolen by some scumbag, whoever it was, hope it serves him well like it did for me(posted about this ages back). 

So, I went on a cycling session with the Swinburne Cycling Club and they brought us to a dirt trail to have some fun. A little too much fun for me I guess, when I decided to do the ramp take-off. I borrowed one of the cycling member's MTB cause my hybrid for sure wouldn't be able to pull off the stunt. Went for it but close to the ramp, I faltered and braked, causing me to lose momentum. Which ended with me plunging down the ramp rather than flying off it. The resulting fall cause me to fracture my left collarbone which required a surgery to realign it back as well as a metal plate and 7 screws.

Fractured collarbone, overlapping

Although it was a pretty serious thing, I just felt excited throughout the whole ordeal(okay maybe a little nervous Everything was a new experience to me and I'm pretty glad I got this chance to experience things like this while I'm still young and capable and able to go the extreme. Don't get me wrong, a broken bone is no fun, but experience on the other hand is, priceless.

I was in really good spirits throughout the ordeal, dad even flew down to make sure I was alright(feeling guilty about this). But we got to spend some quality time together. I also thought I was gonna be lectured, but then, they just said, they warned me and I had to be responsible for my own decisions, which was my broken bones.

Before the surgery, submitting some assignments (with one hand)
After the surgery
Pretty much in good spirits
 I was discharged after three days in the hospital with no signs of complications. Overall, I'd say I had a really eventful mid term break. I have to wear a sling when I walk for the first two weeks after ther surgery but my arms can still function normally for typing and writing. A really good experience for me in my opinion. Now, I'm just making sure I take care of myself and get a speedy recovery and have my bones joined back together. 

Today, begins my 2nd half of the semester, and things are bound to get busier. I guess, you guys won't be hearing from me for a while(again). Video of the fall can be watched here. It's kinda funny watching myself. I can even laugh at myself, weird.

Here's to another one of the longest post I've done.

Vincent Loke

P.S.: I'm so sorry bike, just wait for me for a while longer alright?

I'll take you out onto the road again. Soon I hope.

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