Tuesday, 5 August 2014

30 Days, onwards.

31st July 2014.

The day that marked the end of my job period with Linkz Event. We had a celebration for a colleagues birthday, as well as a farewell lunch for me. It wasn't a grand big thingy, but it's the thought that counts. It felt good knowing that I played my part well and that they thought of having a farewell lunch for me, even though I was only with them for 3 months.

The Linkz Event family =)
Thinking back, I couldn't really recall much about how hard it was when I first started working at Linkz. Trying to get used to the time schedule, office conduct, workflow and system. But after a week it didn't seem to matter anymore. I got used to the office, and slowly got comfortable. During my time with them, I learnt more than what I first expected when I took up the job. I learnt a thing or two about running and managing an event, how to secure sponsorships, and overseeing the running of the event on site. Even though I was a graphic designer, they gave me the opportunity to learn outside of just my profession.

I was given an experience into what the working world was like. The office never really felt like an office. My colleagues were always helpful and fun to talk to, even though work is work and play is play, and we balanced between those two, they always gave pointers when I had questions, never answers. "That's how you get to learn." They would say, to which I agree. We had company trips, as well as lunch outings. Those were fun times, as I got to experience what they meant by "After office hours bonding".

Now, I'll be preparing for my next hurdle. Further studies. Thank you for the great referral letter and thank you so much for everything. Short as 3 months may be, during my period with Linkz Event, I've overcome and learnt a lot.

Much love, such touching referral letter. =')
Next up, in 30 days, onwards to degree studies. I'm so pumped.



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