Sunday, 7 December 2014

Almost There

Here we go with the routine dusting. Hey ho people.
December is here and what's been happening? Quite a bit. Recently just handed in all my assignments and thus, I'm free. *sniff* Ahhh, that lovely, fresh smell of FREEDOM, except, that it's not really freedom just yet. One more final paper to go, MPU Hubungan Etnik. Damn this subject. What makes it worse is that it's going to take a week before the paper. I could have booked an earlier flight and flew back to home sweet home if it wasn't for this paper. So as it is, got my ticket for the 19th. I miss home cooked food so much.

Enough about the MPU, I recently just went for my routine check up. 2nd one to note. I must say, I received some really good news. Here's how it went with the doctor.

Doc:"Based on the X-ray, your bones have fused together."

Yeah. Just a short conversation. Then he did some checks and stuff. The things doctors do while checking up their patient and all. Funny thing was, it only took half the amount of time the doctor originally gave me for the recovery period. He said it takes about 3 months for the bones to fuse together, and another 3 months for the bones to be fully healed. The accident was on the 19th of October, so yeah, that's more or less 1 and a half months since then and my bones have fused. You know what? I think I might actually have Wolverine's healing factor. A diluted version of it but some really cool healing powers indeed......just kidding. I'm just glad it healed fast.

Officially allowed on the bicycle again. Time to bring my beloved bike out for some sunshine, wind and adventure. Just in time too, cause I've got some time to kill before the MPU final paper. Maybe I might just drop by the library as well, to look at people studying and stressing about their final paper. Perks of studying design, the non-existence of the term "Final Exam/Paper".

Anyway, that's all for this routine dust up.


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