Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Love for armors

Hi guys! Today I'll be doing a review on something from our childhood. It was also a recent hit in cinemas for all walks of ages. No idea what it is? It's something you build using brick blocks. LEEGGOOOOOOO!!

Been ages since I played with one. Just today I happened across one and thought why not? Got a box for myself. It wasn't an original manufactured by Lego toy though, more of a China bootleg merchandise. But, I am very very very very very impressed(note how I used 5 very's. I am that impressed). For a bootleg model, it has really good details, the joints function well, workmanship was great. If I were to give it a rating of 1- 10 I'd say probably 7, 7.5, maybe 8?

Presenting the
Decool brand. Iron Man variant, War Machine
The packaging looked good, details and illustrations were nice. What's in the box?

The box includes the instruction manual and parts for the War Machine

There was extra parts. They provided extra of those red circle parts.

A look on Rhode's face. He wasn't too pleased.
The War Machine came with two faces, an angry determined looking one on one side, and a calm determined one on the back. Kinda like Good Cop, Bad Cop from The Lego Movie.

Normal face
Not so happy face
Yeah, don't mess with the blac- I mean don't mess with War Machine. He might mess you up.

Fully assembled and put on stand
Helmet open look

I kinda liked the angry look. Gives him more realistic feel. I used the extra red parts for the cannon as extension. Overall it was a solid design, limbs were a bit stiff but a bit of swivelling around should help. Head was a bit lose to the neck connection, the lower torso too. Not much issue though cause they weren't falling off, only loose when you applied slight pressure to remove them.

That's all I guess for this review. Oh, and did I mention I loved Iron Man armors? Yeah. I do.

Till next~

P.s: The instruction manual came with a comic too! Oh joy!

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