Thursday, 20 February 2014

Valentine's 2014. Operation Success~

Finally an update from me again! Yay! Doubt anyone actually still checks up on my blog. But I'll just greet..uh..the imaginary..readers..that I think I have. Recently two events just passed. What are they? Chinese New Year and Valentine's!

Aside from the, uh, small amount and continuously lessening amount of the Ang Pau or red packet, this year's Valentine's also falls on the 15th day of Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. The Lunar New Year usually lasts for about 15 days cause that's when the new moon comes up or something like that. The 15th day of the Lunar New Year is known as Chap Goh Mei. As a tradition people would write messages or put down their contact details on a mandarin orange and throw them into a river or sea and let the waters deliver the oranges to any destination and if luck is on their side, someone would pick it up and contacts them. It's kinda like a traditional dating thingy, where the single guys hope a girls contacts them and vice versa.

Okaaayyyy, so 15th day of Lunar New Year or Chap Goh Mei is also known as Chinese Valentine's. If...I'm not mistaken. I think. I hope. ( <--- Embarrassment to my ancestors) So yeah, this year's 14th of February which is Valentine's Day also  falls on the 15th of the Lunar New Year. 

                                                   DOUBLE VALENTINE'S!!!

Yup, you can ignore the bold thingy. So I celebrated Valentine's with my dearest. We watched a movie, The Lego Movie. It was funny and... Everything. Is. Awesome. Totally. Awesome. Then we both headed over to Food Foundry. It's famous for it's Mille Crepe Cakes. Then we headed back to my girlfriend's house. No...not for sex.

Le two of us together at Food Foundry =D
I made a gift for her. (And also totally messed up my kitchen as well)

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for my dearest <3
I was actually planning it to be like a dozen roses but meh, better luck next time. Glad she liked it though =) Then we had a little project with her wall.

She's so darn adorableeeeee ~

Made a heart on the wall with a bunch of post it notes. Was initially planning on just taking pictures in the heart and out of it with my girlfriend but then an idea came and I decided to write stuff on half of the hearts and she did the same. Wrote some stuff about us, our relationship and stuff.

My words on the post its.

Hers <3

Yeap, that's how it went for my Valentines =)
Even though spending everyday like it's Valentine's, you just have to up the game and do something extraordinarily special for a special occasion, even more so when your partner is extraordinary. Cause to accept being with me, that takes a lot of guts and uh...extraordinary stuff. =P

Till next time I guess~

P.s: She's so so cute isn't she?

My love. <3