Monday, 13 January 2014

So it is

One week and that's seven days, which is 168 hours, in turn makes it 10080 minutes, meaning 604800 seconds. Yeah, this is another post alright.

There was "nothing" wrong, therefore "nothing" to talk about. That was what he kep repeating to himself in his thoughts. He had been indifferent. He had been cold. He had tried to cover it by momentarily showing warmth. He had acted responsive. He didn't like it. His true feelings eventually resurfaced again. Even Shina could tell something was wrong.

"What's wrong?" Shina had asked him a few times.

To which he would reply, "Nothing. Nothing at all."

Because it was "true". Because it was what she herself had told him. He had asked, and he had gotten his answer. Even if Shina was going to keep asking him if anything is wrong, he could only answer that there was nothing wrong at all. There was that one time, he was on his way home from purchasing supplies for a trip to the mountains. He turned a corner and saw Shina and Menx. They didn't notice him and he just turned and stayed behind that corner. He didn't mean to eavesdrop but what he heard made his blood boil.

"Hey, this may a little late and all, for the long period it is, but I'll just say I'm sorry." Vale heard Menx telling Shina.

"Oh, it's fine really. Don't have to worry about it." Shina replied.

"That still doesn't make it fine with me." Menx had said.

"No, really, it's fine. I don't hold grudges anyway." Shina told Menx.

This feeling of hatred was new to Vale. He was one who never held grudges. Always after sleeping it off, he would forget about any problems he might have with anyone and it was all fine. No grudge, no hate, no ill feelings whatsoever. It was different for Menx. He was the one person he never could forgive. Maybe for all the things he had said, and the things he did and promised and claimed, only turn his back against all those. This was one person Vale could not forgive. For he had apologized twice on occasion that was never really his fault. Only that Menx was making it such a big deal that Vale had took the blame for the sake of friendship. Rather than facing the issue, Menx had avoided and pushed the problems aside. 

This feeling of hatred embedded itself within Vale and eventually, the less he had to do with Menx, the better. Anyone he knows who knew Menx, as long as they didn't bring the Menx up, it was all fine. However, for someone like Shina, who knew clearly how he felt about this to do something like this and yet hide it from him, it fueled his hatred even more.

He stared at the dices in front of him which he was rolling absent-mindedly earlier. He had given her the chance to tell him. She probably didn't know that he already knew about this. Maybe she forgot, maybe she wanted to hide this, he did not know. He knew he had asked, and she had hid this knowledge. He only knows that now, it's all up to time and fate to decide. If this keeps on, he would be the one to walk away. Not because he hated Shina, but because of the hatred within him that it clouded over his heart.

They say, "Hate and Love are separated by a thin line." They forgot to mention that Love and Hate are one and the same. It was only the feeling behind them that determines the outcome. So he would let the dice roll for a little longer. Let this Game of Life go on for a little longer.


Till next time.

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