Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A year. 365 days.

Hi people! Been a while since my last post. Anyway, My exhibition semester ended. Now waiting for the results. Internship coming up next and I am excited. =D

So anyway, the main topic for the post title. This marks the day, a year ago, that I confessed to my girlfriend. Lo and behold, a year has passed and we're still together dear. =) We've been through so much. There was those times where we argued. We had our cold wars. We apologized. We made up. That's what it meant to be together. We also had our happy times. Where we smiled, laughed, and enjoyed each others company. It's not always that I get to see her. Mostly it's through webcam (The joy of technology advancement). 

The hours spent on travelling just to meet her all the way from Kajang to Damansara via public transport. It all just seemed worth it just to get to spend the time together with her. It's because of that, we value the time we have together. 

We share the same hobbies. Which was cosplay. Maybe it was this mutual interest that got us both together. We've cosplayed together, couple, and group. But as time passed, we learnt more about each others interests and realized we have quite a few things in common. We both accepted each other the way we are. =)

So here's to a great year for us, and a better year ahead! =)

I love you dear. <3

Love you for being by my side and always there for me. =)

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