Monday, 10 June 2013

365 days(or so), from that day.

 Hey! New post update. Today's date, was a special date for me. It was a year ago on this date, June 10th, that I met someone who changed me little or more, into a different person.

It was this date, about a year ago. I was attending AFA MY as a cosplayer. It was also this day that brought on many changes to me. I still remember how it was then.

I spotted her amongst the people at the M.V.P booth. She was cosplaying as Senbonzakura Miku, and I as Akaito default. We didn't exchange a lot of words, just a simple "May I take a photo of you?" and "Thank You." Little did I know, that this meeting would bring about a whole new change to my life. We started talking a few days later. It was nice and enjoyable talking with her, with her little smiles and reaction to my random hyper acts. Then there was movie night, where we watched a movie together via webcam. I was Pokemon Jirachi the Wish Maker.

We had an outing together, and then there was Bon Odori. Walking around and dancing with her in the crowd, that was a different experience for me. Then August came, and that was when I asked her to be my girlfriend. We have had our ups and downs, happy times, down times. Then came prom. The night where everyone was dressed up splendidly and in their best. Cosplaying together at Comic Fiesta as a group and with a partner, was also a new experience for me with her.

Now almost a year has passed since our meeting. I still feel the same as the day I asked you to be my girlfriend. I love you dear.

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