Monday, 3 September 2012

Past celebration!

So it's been a month since my last update. Yes, it's not the first time, and my determination to post more frequently is just like the general public making new years resolutions. They never seem to last. Sure, maybe two to three days, at best, a week or so. And the next thing you know, you completely forget about it. 

So anyway, the past 31st August, was Malaysia's independence day. The country I call home. So yeah, a brief shout out to Malaysia, "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!" and with that done, part 1 of this post has concluded.

What? You thought I was gonna talk about independence and how we fought for our peace and shi- stuff? Nah, there's this little friendly thing called, Google or Wikipedia too for you to read up on it. That's as patriotic as I can get cause I am not one who's really interested to talk about something that happened WAAAAYYYYY before I was conceived. 

What I'm more interested to share today would be..a celebration. A celebration for what? Coincidentally, a one very known idol's birthday falls on that exact same date, and that said idol would be...HATSUNE MIKU! 

Yes Miku-chan, it's your birthday.
So, the pre-celebration report first. I met up with a group of friends at MidValley to catch a movie. Sadako 3D to be exact. Long story short, that movie was a total joke and I bet me and my group of friends were the worst audience in the cinema. We were laughing at how unreal and comical they made the movie. The movie was a mix of a girl with "Supersonic" voice powers capable of killing cricket like ghosts and the main ghost, was a really cute girl that.. till now I can't seem to understand why she had to die. Oh, and lots and lots of hair.

After the movie, we were all tearing the movie apart, going through bits and pieces of the whole show. Then we headed to Carl's Junior for some om nom nom. It was pretty great and quite a number of people attended the highlight of the event, Miku's celebration.

Yes yes Miku-chan! A celebration for you!
And so like most birthday celebration, we had cake we had food, we didn't really have booze, and we had laughs!

Thanks to Sakura a.k.a. Syazana for the CAKEY!! And look at the Mikus celebrating around the cake!
We had some fun figuring whether or not to sing a birthday song out in public while holding the nendoroids at the risk of looking like nendo worshipping otakus. But then common sense won out and we just cut the cake.

Choco Miku on a cake!
Lero doing the honor of slicing the cake.

Jerry and his cake

Jerry and...his cake again!

Reigan gobbling up the cake like..a boss!

And Megat with his ultimate blessed face!

Aozora happily accepting her cake
Jhan..finishing his cake like..lightning fast

Me nomming my portion of the cake!

Sakura a.k.a Syazana nomming HER CAKE!

And...D'AAWWWWW the complimentary feeding pict!
So yeah, it was a great day, great time spent and back to reality of college and assignment rushing. You guys were the best! =D We should do this more often =)

The gang and the cake before it was mutilated.
Till next post! (Only God knows when I'll even be posting   -___-)

Cheers all!

P.S: Why for some reason...this head reminds me of.. Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica? 
Just saying~

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  1. she die coz ppl afraid of her power and then shove her to the 'wishing' well