Monday, 17 September 2012

Lazy meh is...Lazy

Hello again aaaaaaaaaannnnddddd, yes, it took me awhile to come up with another new post. Well actually, I kinda forgot I even had a blog till I saw some link on my Facebook. Yeah, must be the age catching up to me *cough* (I'm just 19). Sometimes, I get this sudden urge to post something, and just put it off till the next day...yeah I'm gonna blame Mr. Procrastination. Mr. Procrastination. You're to blame. 

Wait....what?  Yeah, even I don't make sense to myself. Just another one of those random posts I guess. Maybe not? And the title? No idea really, it just sounded really good. Yeah, and before I forget....wait....

What was I gonna post again?


Almost giving up....
ANDDDD, I remember. Right, so earlier this month, or more like end of last month, there was an event held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. It was ANIMANGAKI 2012. Well, the event was quite fun despite me being able to attend only on the 2nd day. 

It was held on the 25th and 26th of August 2012. There were cosplayers, cosplayers everywhere! All in all, the event gave friends a chance to meet up for a short period, fans to drool at awesome costumes, admire super fragile awesome props and the merchandises and activities available at the event. It was also a chance for people to whip out their camera and start snapping crazy shots and do some one on one photography session. Anyway, enough talking and more pictures eh? Like they say pictures, or it never happened.

And here you go people, some of the stuff on display =D

And here, you have, the cosplayers!

 And then, I'm not one to miss out but yeah, I did cosplay too =)

Credits to respective photographers
Credits to respective photographers

Credits to respective photographers
Credits to respective photographers

Pictures are not mine, and thanks to photographers who took it for me =)
It was my Original Costume with no name, just, Bloody Samurai.
But lately, some people has called it the genderbend version of Shakugan No Shana (Bandaged Version)

more pictures here:

Well, I'm not one to complain. Hahahaha =D
Hope to post more stuff up in the future.
And yes, I'm a lazy person, so, lazy me is..lazy.

Cheers all!

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