Saturday, 29 September 2012

Having some Fun with Bamboo

Hey hey hey hey everybody, and yes, I'm back with a new post. First off, I give up trying to post regularly cause, it's just not gonna work. I'm a lazy guy that's for sure. But anyway, here goes! 

So lately, I've gotten myself a tablet. Yeah, it's for fever and cough, works well if I- eh? Wait a minute, I'm talking about the wrong tablet. Pardon me, So lately, I've just gotten myself a tablet (sorry  I have to repeat myself again), and yeah, err...I got myself a new tablet! =D 
(Obviously, I don't know what to talk about it)


So, erm, let's see, it's a Wacom Bamboo, Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch actually. It's sleek thin and pretty and all. It's really light sorta like paper except, it's not paper. It weighs like 640gm, but really, you don't feel it at all. It comes in Black and Lime Green, although that doesn't really bother me much, the color is cool.

The tablet in all it's glory

It's the same size as a 14inch screen laptop, which is good, cause I love some extra space to doodle and move my hands. It also comes with 4 shortcut buttons/keys which you can set to your own convenience.

And that's about it for me I guess, and I can't wait to start doodling and whipping out artworks!

Cheers all~

The box of JOY

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