Sunday, 22 July 2012

Of kits, and models. Model Kits

*knock knock*
Who's there?
Must be one of them kids playing with my knocker again.

Yeap, lame start, but like "they"(maybe just me) say, Lame is the new Cool. So yeah, howdy everything and everyone. Been nothing short of busy lately, what with the submission dates for assignments looming closer like the jaws of a fiery dragon about to swallow it's helpless prey. Truth be told, haven't really had much progression on my assignments.

Ended up getting some reference material for my 3D assignment. Surprised me, myself and I though, that I actually went to this extent to get reference. Not getting a clue to what I'm saying eh? Here's a picture.

Yeap, hello there baby
So, a picture of my current project. Just bought this model kit for my 3D modelling. Reason being?

Juuuusstttt kidding. Reason being, I'm a meticulous person. I need to actually feel and see the thing that I'm modelling so I can actually make it perfect. Yeah, and that pretty much summed...this up?

Scale 1/72, Highend Kit, Blade Liger Mirage, Kotobukiya

The CEREMONIAL un-boxing of the model

It was all good and all, hugging, carrying, lugging the huge box back home via KTM. Dear God, the KTM commuter system, could have been the death of me. The jammed packed-ness and all. The box was no tiny BANDAI HighGrade size yo! But this is still better than the size of a BANDAI PerfectGrade box. THOSE ARE LONG AS THEY ARE HUGE. GOD, bless me.

Right, topic derailed *slaps self*. Where was I? Oh, being happy and all. 
Right, so I was happily dragging my haul back home. Taking some memorial pictures of it. Admiring the cover, the art, even...the box itself (Yes, the BOX. You heard me right). Then, the CEREMONIAL un-boxing of the kit. 

The change of look on my face was...quite comical to my dear sister. From the happy smiling, grinning look that abruptly transformed to "OH GOD WHY? THIS CANNOT BE HOLY MACARONI PIZZA SHIZZNITS HAPPENING!" face...You get the picture. Here's a simpler picture.

When I saw this,

My face turned from this


To this

And why is this? Cause I got less than a week to complete both the 3D and the model. I guess...good luck and all the best to myself is needed.... I'm gonna really need it. Truck loads of it.

Been almost a year since I last touched Model Kits. Time to dig out the old weaponry, the ancient tools and whatnots to battle this kit. Hope my skills are still....there.

Anyway, will be posting some progress here and there... o_o


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