Friday, 27 July 2012

Modelling?? Really now?

So yeah, for those of you readers who have been reading or checking on my blog frequently, THANK YOU SO MUCH! *bows and wipes the manly tears*
I'm touched. No, really, I AM touched, with no hint of sarcasm, not one single bit. As I've mentioned in  my earlier post, I'll be posting some progress on my 3D modelling of the Blade Liger Mirage(ZOIDS).

Here goes =D

How I started off. By emulating the skull of a dog. The main form before  messing the polygon lines.
 SO, HOW TO BEGIN!? The question that was screwing up my mind. Luckily for me, I thought of a dog's skull. And that gave me the idea to begin/start off the main form(have to thank one "Bubbles" belonging to a someone). Before I mess with the polygon lines and edges/vertices/face and then, lo and behold the outcome of the head.
And here you have the head, with whiskers. Well, it still has yet to go into perfection messing. SOON...SOON!!!
And once I was done with the head, I went on to the body.

Somehow, it resembled a rocket/cannon/blaster
That's the body..yeah, nothing special bout it yet. And moving on~

Foreleg, with no armor on, YET.
Yes, that's the foreleg. without armor on it yet. But soon..SOON!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH- *cough cough* *hack* *wheeeeezzzzeee* Dang, can't even laugh right. -_-

So yeah, that's all I've got for you readers this round.
Stay tuned yo!


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