Friday, 17 February 2012


Hello everyone! It's been awhile and all, hope you  guys and girls missed me.( aww heck, even if you didn't I wouldn't know about it eh?) 

Valentine's has just pass, and so on ad so forth. How did everyone pass the day? Well, here's my view on that day. Technically, everyone seems to think that Valentine's is a day for lovers and couples. Whoever who does not have a partner can't celebrate it. I find that...totally wrong.  Valentine's for me is a day for loved ones. Be it your parents, siblings, best friends, it can be anyone. That's my view. 

Some of you may take this as a rant by a forever alone guy, but I celebrated mine a few days earlier, and passed the official day with my family! Talk about killing two birds with one stone, get what I mean? So that's how it is for me. Talking about family, you know, they'll always be there for you no matter what. I used to remember, as a kid I always wanted to grow up fast reach a certain age and stay there for as long as I could. Then I went through this process called life, where everyone around me changed. Everything was never what it seemed. 

"When we were kids, we dreamed of growing up. To get to an age and stay there for as long as we could. It just doesn't work that way."

That was how it was. Then I realized, you'll never be the same at each stage of life. You grow, you learn and become the better of it all.  Life is full of surprises after all, be it good or bad. We lose people, we lose things but in the end, what matters most is our memories of them. No matter what people say or do, don't let you yourself to soil that image, that memory, and the time you had with that person. That's what it means to live.

That's what I wanted to say for today's post. Hope you guys get some enlightenment. =)

Cheers all~

Love Life no matter how hard/painful it is.

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