Sunday, 15 January 2012

Random is FUN!

Four days ago, I was a rock. A day later I'm doing random things! Oh yea, I'm not a rock no more. I found some interesting things to mess with right now. It's really fun and has a lot of amazing uses if the user can think up of! What is this fun stuff I'm talking about? 


So, what is a "Shimeji" you ask? To put it simply, it's a desktop buddy. 
Not simple enough? Well then, in the simplest term, it's an animated application that run's around your desktop/computer screen. (As a matter of fact, I have a few of them running around my screen even as I type!)

Why is this thing fun though? What does it do? What is it capable of?
My answer? Nothing. That's why it's so charming. Well, actually they do some stuff like, sit at the bottom of your screen, climb the sides of your screen, crawl at the top of your screen and sometimes, if you leave a small window open for long without touching it, they'll kick it away (Don't blame them, they want your attention!). Oh well, you can get your window back easily though. NOT TO WORRY! They are not viruses. They're just cute harmless applications. 

When you start them up, their icon appears on your taskbar. Right-clicking it gives you five options.
1) Make another one pop out
2) Follow your cursor
3) Delete all multiplication and leave one ( did I mention? They multiply)
4) Get back your window that was thrown by the shimeji (told you it's easy to get it back)
5) Exit shimeji application!

Really simple! So have a look at what I did with my shimeji:~ 
(Hint: A random love story)

If you have trouble viewing, you can visit this link to see it:~
It's right at the bottom. =)

You can get your own shimeji here (Don't worry, it's safe. It's DeviantArt)

And a preview of my own shimeji!

That's a lot of mine that I found

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