Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Part 2 - The Balanced COMMUNICATION

Well, hello people. It's been awhile a really long while. I know I'm not much of a blogger. Not even that active.. My attention flies elsewhere every time. So oh well, here we go with Part 2 of my Socializing Guide.

Part 2
Communication Is A Two Way Process. <<<< Get IT??
Two way process meaning, you have to contribute your so does your partner.
Communication Is A Two Way Process.
I talk, you talk = good conversation
I talk, you don't = awkward silence

If I do the talking most of the time...and can't get to know the kind of person you are, what you like to talk about...then, it's pretty pointless cause then there will be total awkward silence...

So there you have it...Once you start talking expect it to be a two way thing. You push I push, you pull I pull, you enjoy I enjoy. Together we get a happy time. Talking that is..not any other stuf. If it is, then that's up to you..not my guide.


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