Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Part 1 - The Beginning to Socializing.

Well, hello people. I've been M.I.A for quite a while. Bound to happen with college assignments and work piling up. I can only imagine it getting worse. Anyway, now I'm on sem break! OH JOY!

*rolls on fresh grass and breathe in fresh air*

Ahahaha yeah, the taste of freedom is too sweet to resist. So, what plans have I got for my sem break? Let's see...errr....ahh....hmmm....nothing?  -facepalm- Well, basically not nothing. I went to my college's August intake orientation. Why? Just for the fun of it! To make things livelier.

Here's the thing, there are some people who are born socialists. There are some who are average in socializing, you talk to them they reply in kind. There's the kind that never really speaks out and just go with the flow occasionally saying something. THEN there's the special kind who are silent at first but are hypered up socialists in disguise (me I'm guilty as charged here). Okay...ignoring the first three which are self explanatory, the last well, just give them a few minutes or seconds to get into the mood and WHAM they're full fledge socialist on the loose.

So much crap from me, what brought this up? Err.....well.....cause I noticed a bunch of really shy people. So I've come up with a 3 part socializing guide for you people who are too shy to start the conversation.



Everyone wants to be friendly right? To talk and to mingle? Shyness is a disease. There are two kinds of socializing. FACE-TO-FACE and ONLINE socializing. Here are the points about the two types.

- Easy to talk
-Does not consist of facial expression
-Little or no physical contact
-Wide range of people

-Lots of facial expression
-Use of language skills
-Ability to think and respond on the spot.

Yes, pretty much that. confusing? Yes a little I guess. Well, those are just there for formalities. What is the main point here is that in socializing face to face was the pioneer in socializing. SO, to socialize, POINT 1 is to just introduce yourself! Don't care what the other party may think or say later on, at the very least, introduce yourself.

END OF PART 1. Stay tuned for PART 2- The Communication Process. (I'll try to make it fast)


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