Thursday, 14 June 2012

Of Receiving, and new "LOVE"~

So yeah, I haven't been updating lately. College life and all, busy busy busy life. Oh wait...where are my manners? HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! So yeah, that's for introductions and mannerism.

So what's with the post title you ask? Nothing much, really...just...that I GOT A NEW DSLR CAMERA =D Great eh? A new step forward for my photography interest! Oh the joy! It was like a love story. A love story that transcends gender, race, and class. Pictures and story for your enjoyment =)

So here goes, it was like any normal day. A day I never truly expected. The date I still remember clearly. 5th June 2012. The day "WE" met. The day "WE" got together.
The first time I laid my eyes on "HER", that was when I knew, "SHE" was the one.

That body, that feel. The way my heart beats when "SHE'S" in my arms. It's indescribable.

The overall feel, the curves, the hold. It was a different story altogether. "SHE" felt different than others.

"SHE" was different. In a way that words can and cannot describe. It sounds cliche, but yeah, "SHE'S" truly different.

Even looking at "HER", my heart does a backflip. 

To hold "HER" with my hands, it was a joy unlike any other. To have "HER" by my side, a dream come true.

This "THREAD" of Destiny, that ties us together. Me and "HER".
"HER" name, WeeDX, truly was unlike any other. 
That was how it felt. It went off the moment it happened. Even science can't explain how it happened. That was "OUR" story. Now "SHE'S" close to two weeks old, but the pictures I've taken, oh god, were so awesome. Touching almost 1000 pictures already =)

Cheers all

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