Saturday, 8 October 2011

Well, another has passed and it is with great sorrow(Well, actually not THAT great but yeah) for me to say what everyone knows and yet I will say it yet again. Steve Jobs has passed and with him his innovations and ideas for APPLE. Yes, this is a really sad time for Apple indeed. So for this short moment, I shall say my thanks for the iPad I am currently using and may the industry strive on. That's it. The world has to go on.

So, trademark question. How's Life, people? For me, it's between good and bad. But currently I ain't going to comment. Now, there's something new on my mind.... Just some simple question... Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Then there's, which came first? The underwear or shame? NOW that is what I call MIND Fucked BAFFLING. 

That's all for now though. THANKS FOLKS!
Till next~

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