Saturday, 1 October 2016

Another Century, kind of.

It's been a busy stretch. With the new job, new environment and new colleagues. About a month back, I took part in my second Century Ride. Klang Premier Century Ride, was not really a true Century as a true Century covers 100 miles, that's 160km. Klang Premier totaled  off at 135km distance which was a little more than 3/4 of a Century.

Nevertheless it was a great improvement over my first Century, averaging 30kph. FASTEST. AVERAGE. EVER. For a 100+ km distance endurance race. The ride was pretty much flat, which favors Sprinters, and other than headwinds, the route was actually quite easy to conquer as long as you are fit and mentally strong.

This also marked my first race with my first carbon race bike. The Avanti Corsa DR1. An aero frameset with integrated rear wheel cutout, seatpost clamp and fork. Not to forget, they even added a special integrated quick release design to combat drag. Truly an amazing design for an aero bike through and through. Full carbon construction tipping the scales at slightly below 1kg frame weight.

An incredibly stiff frame, keeping an average speed on flats was easy, each pedal stroke pushes the bike forward. Truly an amazing frame from Avanti, all the way from New Zealand!

This event also marked the first 100+ km distance for a friend of mine from Swinburne.

My dad also finally picked up cycling in July as a hobby. Kinda fun to have your dad riding with you sometimes.

Marked his first event and first group ride. An easy fun ride at the same event.

Both of us completing our respective events. Me, 135km, and dad, 18km.

Medal bite photos is a must

This ride was pretty much smooth sailing as it was a flat course throughout. The only challenge being, headwinds. This new frame of mine was really superb at maintaining speed above 33kph. Pedaling felt effortless as the aerodynamic features lend a hand in "cutting" through the wind and making sure you keep a straight line as you pedaled.

My built for this bike was:
- Avanti Corsa DR1 Frameset (Using CR5 carbon, one level lower than the team edition)
- Campagnolo Vento G3 asymmetric wheelset
- Shimano Ultegra 6800 (11 speed, 53/39, 11 - 28)
- FSA Energy 110mm stem
- PRO Falcon Saddle 143mm

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