Sunday, 6 July 2014

Life and Nature

Hello to all the unknown and known people out there who still, somehow, sometimes, check up and reads the stuff that I post. I know you're out there. *does the I'm watching you thingy*

Life has been good to me lately, or maybe I'm focusing a lot on the good side. Just went on a company trip to Ulu Yam yesterday for a BBQ picnic. So, where is this..Ulu Yam? Truth be told I have no idea either, except that it's close to Batu Caves. It's one of those nature getaway spots that let's people enjoy nature. Playing in the river, escaping from the cityscape, that sort of thing.

Back to the main topic, BBQ. Yeah, so a bunch of us went all the way there and had a BBQ picnic, and it was awesome. For one, have you ever had a BBQ-on-water? Yes, you heard me right, and it literally means that. BBQ. On. Water. Here let me show you.

While most people are concerned about keeping the charcoal dry and the flames going, we at Linkz Event, try to do things differently. We challenge the two elements to present this, BBQ-On-Water experience. Totally worth it. I met a whole bunch of new people, made friends and ate lots of good stuff prepared by everyone. Yeah, the food selection was kind of a potluck thing, but I'm not complaining. Food was great!

 We had an awesome time at Ulu Yam. Even learnt a new thing. Cooking bacon in a tin foil. I must say, it tastes so damn satisfyingly awesome.

Just look at it. Swimming in it's own sweet fat juices. Makes me drool just remembering how good it tasted. *drools*

Anyway, till next time people =)


P.S: Compulsory photo if you're at a river.

King of the Rock. Totally.

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