Friday, 13 June 2014

Officially 31 days.

This place has become where I pour myself out. I'm lucky I guess, not being one of those popular most read blogs.

It's been 31 days since that day. The day we went from "relationship" to "friends". I've been drowning myself out with work just to get over the feelings. Yes, I won't lie that it hurts. Especially when I'm alone, and there's nothing on my mind. It's then that the memories come back. I miss her, miss the things we did together, miss the times.

But I know I'm hanging in there. It's not the end. I just hope that the day would come when I can finally pen down the eulogy to our memories with a neutral, nostalgic, casual feeling. Understanding that life comes first. Priorities change.

And that day might come soon.

I'll be fine.

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