Sunday, 4 May 2014


It's been a long time since my cheeks had this much moisture. Not in a good way. I really don't know what I should do other than pretend and go along with everything.

Everything was fine
Everythng was great
When did it all changed?
When did it all happened?

How can you take it
If someone you cared so much for
Just stopped caring
Words of endearment no longer meant anything
The warmth that just isn't the same
The passion that just isn't there

How can you take it
If someone your heart has found a home in
Just sweeps it away
Apologies meant nothing
Memories brushed aside
Live life not even bothered

How can you take it
When you start to miss the passion
When you start to long for the laughter
When you don't even know whether to call out words of endearment
When you start to break apart
Knowing that you yourself caused this

When the question surfaces
"What's wrong?"
And you know what's wrong
But the words just catches itself
You choke back words and tears alike
And pretend that nothing was amiss
 I really don't know anymore. What's right to do, what's wrong. What should I say, what can't I say.
 I find relief in writing. Cause at least there's a way for me to release myself. That's what writing is for isn't it?

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